Corn, green beans, comb honey, and more coming this week!

Get to the markets early on Saturday to get what you need for the weekend before the rain rolls in. Here is what is happening at the Piedmont Farmers Market on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday!

At the Winecoff Market on Saturday morning, Vietnam Veterans will have a representative on hand with a display of special military hats.

Miller & Sons Produce will have corn for the first time this season! Everyone is wanting this. Also lots of green beans: string-less and half runners along with few berries and Georgia cantaloupes.

Street Fare Farm tells us they will have beets, spring onions, turnips, lettuce, kohlrabi, microgreens, garlic scapes, woodlot-raised non-GMO eggs, carrots, and squash at Winecoff.

Curt’s Kettle Corn will cause the Harrisburg Market on Monday and Rotary Square on Tuesday to smell yummy with freshly popped popcorn of many tasty varieties.

Shell-Belle Farm will have white Russian kale, turnips, farmer’s choice herb bundles, garlic scapes and possibly some sunrise bumble-bee tomatoes.

Honeysuckle Bee Farm will have a limited supply of comb honey and we have a new product, honey butter spread, at the Winecoff Market on Saturday.

On Monday and Tuesday, the flavors offered by the aromatic Curt’s Kettle Corn will be kettle, butter, Caramel, Patriotic Pop (Strawberry & blue raspberry), bacon cheddar.

We’ll see you at the markets!

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