The first Farmers Market in June brings a plethora fresh goodies

We ended May on a wet note, but next week’s weather looks much improved (and drier!). Set yourself up for the first full week of June with stops at the Winecoff School Rd Market and Rotary Square on Saturday morning, Harrisburg on Monday afternoon, and Rotary Square again on Tuesday.

Here is what is happening at the Piedmont Farmers Market this weekend!

Firstly, our Rotary Square location will open for the first time this season on Saturday morning! It will be open from 9-12.

Miller & Sons Produce will have many growth tunnel Cherokee purple and german Johnson tomatoes,  and cucumbers by the box for $15, as well as many other fresh vegetables.

Honeysuckle Hill Bee Farm may have a limited supply of cut comb honey. Get to Winecoff early to see if they have any remaining.

Shell-Belle Produce tells us that on Saturday at the Winecoff Market, they will have cucumbers, swiss chard, farmers choice herb bundles, kale, radishes, and a lettuce blend they like to call the “Fab Four” which is baby kale, two different types of arugula and garnet mustard greens.

Curt’s Kettle Corn will cause the Harrisburg Market on Monday and Rotary Square on Tuesday to smell yummy with freshly popped popcorn of many tasty varieties.

We’ll see you at the market!

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