Fall is in the air at the Piedmont Farmers Market this weekend!

The first chill air of the season is here, and the Piedmont Farmers Market is the place to be on Saturday morning!

These are just a few of the vendors that will be on hand, but make sure you visit the wide variety of local sellers on hand. 

The Harrisburg Farmers Market is now closed for the season. 

Please note: Due to Food Sanitation Regulations, dogs are not permitted at any of our markets. Thank you for your understanding.

Winecoff School Rd. Market 9-12 on Saturday Morning

Miller and Sons Produce will have apples, tomatoes, squash, winter squashes, potatoes, beans,  cucumbers, and zucchini.

You can find them at the Winecoff Market on Saturday morning and at the Harrisburg Market on Monday.

Farmhouse Store Bouquets and More features farm-style local grown bouquets and Rada Cutlery.

Pure, raw, unfiltered honey from local beekeepers available at Honeysuckle Hill Bee Farm. Also specializing in creamed honey and monofloweral honeys. Visit them and try a sample.

Stony Run Highlands Farm will have ground beef, beef patties, brisket, tenderloin, ribeye, NY strip, assorted roasts, and beef chunks.

Bonnie’s Wreaths and Crafts features beautiful seasonal wreaths, Panther wreaths, cemetery flowers, hand painted glassware, handcrafted earrings w/ sterling silver wires, scarves made from recycled sweaters, handcrafted necklace sets with Swarovski crystals and crocheted wire necklaces.

Some others who could be there: Femme Artistique, Tranquility Farm, Nancy and her handmade pottery, Street Fare Farm,  Creekside Farms, Matias Produce, Yow’s Farm, Lucky Fish Seafood, and more!

We’ll see you at the market! 

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