Femme Artistique

At the age of 14, Claire Louise Walker knew she wanted to be an artist. It is with this long-standing drive and dedication that enables Claire to create this artwork effortlessly. Her work includes a variety of subjects, from landscapes and animals to places and people. Claire’s versatility allows her to switch from one style to another, one medium to the next, with ease.

Claire lived in a small town near Portland, Maine. After retiring, she relocated to North Carolina, bringing her artistic talent to the area.

Every work of art Claire creates is completely orginal; no reproduction prints are made.

She often supplies her clients with custom artwork created for their home or place of business, based on the decor and desires of the client.

All of her artwork comes framed with glass, ready to hang.

“My art comes from my inner soul . . . it makes me live and breathe.”

“A passion which I have to express.”